axis energy

Axis Energy Ventures India Private Limited is a flagship Company of axis group with a mission to develop renewable energy projects. The group leads renewable energy initiatives in India to produce clean, quality green power. It plans for pan India presence by establishing projects in remote areas across all states of India. These initiatives promote the investment climate in renewable sector and also improves the employment opportunities and living standards.

axis mobility

Smart mobility adopting renewable technology is a creative and innovative concept of axis group. It exhibits its competencies and capabilities in bringing in together major drivers to synergize and contribute to a new, efficient, easily implementable, eco friendly and sustainable public transport system. The organization’s vision is to create an urban space that is ecologically friendly, technologically integrated and meticulously planned, with a particular reliance on the use of latest renewable technology to improve efficiency of public transport, reducing pollution and providing employment.

clean energy info

axis energy provides information on renewable energy and energy efficiency topics on our platform, The information on clean energy is collected,collated regularly by axis group and also hosts contributions made by many of the users. We also inform our users through our website the latest development in renewable energy and energy efficiency topics. We collaborate with many knowledge contributors to centralize the information, news & events on renewable energy and make it easily available to general public at large.