Wind Energy

Wind as Natural Resource of Energy

Electricity from wind energy is one of the fastest growing methods of electrical power generation. Kinetic energy from moving air is converted into electricity by wind turbines that are mounted in locations where there are favorable weather patterns.

Wind turbines may be employed individually, but are often installed in groups to form "wind farms" or "wind power plants." Electricity generated by wind farms may be used locally, or fed in to electric grid to power homes and businesses farther away. Using wind energy reduces the environmental impact of generating electricity because it requires no fuel and does not produce pollution or greenhouse gases. Winds broadly can be classified into three categories global wind, regional wind and local wind. Technology advancement in wind turbines have brought in sweeping changes in the face of the entire energy sector of the country. It is not out of the context to mention that wind energy are abundantly available in India due its geographical position on the globe and Axis Energy Group aspires to be the leader in developing reliable wind energy projects.

Positioning of India in the Global Wind Map

Entire peninsular and the western parts of the country are classified as potential wind zones where the exploration has already begun. India has been a late entrant, is now positioned in the fourth place globally and efforts are on, to tap the renewable energy sources in a massive scale.