Our Commitment

Axis Energy commitment to the nation for developing 12500 MW of renewable energy in India by 2022 (It is 2nd highest among all renewable energy players who have committed to develop renewable energy in the presence of Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at RE-INVEST 2015.) Company wise commitments at RE-INVEST 2015


At the REINVEST 2015, axis energy made a commitment for developing 12500 MW of renewable energy in India by 2022. Our CMD, Mr. Ravi Kumar Reddy is seen with Honourable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi on this occasion.


Axis Energy Group and Suzlon energy have jointly signed a MoU with the Government of Andhra Pradesh to develop 4000 MW Wind Power and 2500 MW Solar Power in Andhra Pradesh state. They also announced to establish an industry for manufacturing of wind turbines in Anantapur district by investing Rs. 500 crores which shall provide 8000 jobs to the local people. In addition they will contribute Rs. 35 crores towards establishment of energy university with a skill development center. The above commitments shall pave way for Government of India the desired goals of producing 1.75 GW of renewable energy by the year 2022.

Axis Energy Group with a visionary outlook and possession of noble values driven by the twin objectives of providing the nation with energy security through renewable and sustainable energy at affordable price. To deliver consistent and reliable results it associates itself with the following stakeholders. :

Wind Turbine Generator Manufacturers
Top Rung Auxilary equipment Manufacturers
Apex Wind Resource assessment center
State Nodal Agency
Transmission corporation
Distribution Companies
Wind Developers Association
Electricity Regulatory commissions
Independent Power Producers of the country

Axis Energy with its innovative approach and strategy has clearly demonstrated by forging all the like-minded stakeholders of the renewable industry on to a common platform. This common platform has been utilized as a launching pad to scale new heights in satiating the country's energy appetite by sustainable and renewable means. An unique and rare mix of the conglomerates of the Industry- Nodal Agency and the State Government itself are a part of the mission of speedy implementation of the renewable energy strategy.

The state of Andhra Pradesh is one of the participants of this joint mission and the "axis energy" and "SUZLON energy" shouldered the responsibility of carrying forward the mission. A path breaking initiative has been taken by signing a "Project Implementation Agreement" on 11.01.2016 wherein the directives were chartered and the priorities were defined to achieve the targeted implementation of the wind power projects in a time bound manner.

The concrete, concerted and coveted efforts of axis energy team is translated in to power packed actions which are now fructifying to yield the intended results. The desired end results are evident in the following areas.

Speedy land acquisition
Speedy approvals
Serial lining of wind power projects in Anantapur
Completion of blades manufacturing unit by SUZLON energy
Completion of power Infrastructure in the form of green corridor
Prioritisation of evacuation arrangements to team axis energy
Prioritisation of power off take of axis energy projects
A complete transition to be the industrial hub

All the above objectives were attained by axis energy by its sheer insight into the intricacies of the renewable sector which main driver of the future economy. A structured beginning made by axis energy in the right direction has paved path for other aspirants in the renewable industry. axis energy leads the renewable sector with an iconic salutation as "Torch Bearer".

In order to fulfill its commitments, axis energy with the approval of State Nodal Agency, New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh (NREDCAP) has taken up Wind Resource Assessment studies in Andhra Pradesh as many as in 96+ locations by registering with National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE). NIWE has notified the sites of our Group under special category in the private sector.

Pooling and combining of Resources
Economies of scale to the manufacturing partner
Synergy of operations for all the participants
Better and advanced business practices
Speedy implementation of the projects
Improved Economic Activity at the region by Attracting Investments
Employment generation and improved means of living
Rapid Change in Energy Mix
Energy Security to the nation
Bring down the carbon emissions