Alternative method of transporting energy – The Hydrogen Sponge

  • Alternative method of transporting energy – The Hydrogen Sponge

    Headed by Dr. Enass Abo-Hamed (University of Cambridge/World Economic Forum) and her team are developing what they term ‘The Hydrogen Sponge,’ which is porous nano-particle based smart material that’s able to trap hydrogen atoms in those tiny pores, and store them there until they’re needed. According to H2GO, “The catalytic properties of the material allow for hydrogen production through the hydrolysis of metal and chemical hydrides at ambient temperature.”

    Once produced, the hydrogen is then stored in the polymer-frame work of the material, acting as storage. When needed, the material is heated, thus releasing the gas and providing for an on/off level of control. The system is combined with other green energy solutions, such as hydro, solar, and wind, which can be used during unmet energy demands.

    The hydrogen sponge nano-material can produce hydrogen through a water electrolyzer, and stores it in a solid-state storage system until needed. (Image credit: H2GO)

    H2GO is prototyping a plug-and-play ‘Containerized Energy Unit’ about the size of a shipping container that can be transported anywhere and used both on and off-grid. When energy needs are not met, storage units release the hydrogen to a fuel cell, which outputs as electricity with the only byproduct being water. H2GO has been developing their technology since 2014 but has yet to unveil any working model, so take any information from the company with a grain of salt.

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