Axis Energy Ventures India Private Limited (AEVIPL)
(Group’s Flagship Company)

Axis Energy Ventures India Private Limited (AEVIPL) is a flagship company of Axis Energy Group with a mission to develop projects which are reliable, renewable and sustainable in green energy space to deliver cost effective utilities to human kind. The main objective of the company is to carry on business in India or elsewhere to take up survey, investigation and generation of electrical power through conventional/non-conventional sources and through any other alternate sources of energy. The company can trade; sell power to utilities and third parties by building substations and transmissions lines.

The group senior management has a passion to lead renewable energy projects to produce clean and quality green power to the nation. The initiatives taken up by AEVIPL paves way for promoting investment climate in renewable sectors, improving employment opportunities and living standards of people. Its vision is to be one of the top renewable energy players in India and to work in the direction of developing 12.5 GW of green renewable energy by 2022. It aims to accelerate the adoption of green energy technologies across the world to conserve our environment and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost effective power supply.

Axis Energy Group has committed to develop 12500 MW (7000MW for wind and 5500 for solar) of renewable energy projects by 2022 in the presence of Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi during RE-INVEST 2015. This commitment is 2nd highest among all renewable energy players.

AEVIPL shall develop 6500MW in Andhra Pradesh, 4500MW in Telangana and 1500MW in Karnataka of renewable energy. In Andhra Pradesh 4000MW of wind energy and 2500MW of solar energy will be developed. Similarly, in Telangana 2000MW of wind and 2500MW of solar energy will be developed, whereas 1000MW of wind and 500MW of solar energy will be developed in Karnataka.

Axis Energy Group in association with Suzlon Group have developed 350.7 MW wind power projects during 2015-2016 at following locations: Pottpadu (123.9MW), Vidapanakallu (52.5MW) and Beluguppa (174.3MW)

The group company namely M/s Axis Energy Ventures India Pvt Ltd has installed more than 96+ wind monitoring Stations in Andhra Pradesh for wind resource assessment and collecting wind data online for more than 5 years.

AEVIPL is developing two IPP's of 105MW each at MPR dam site, Anathapur. Both the IPP’s will be undertaken as special purpose vehicles - Axis Wind Farms (Ananthapur) Pvt Ltd & Axis Wind Farms (Rayalaseema) Pvt Ltd. Each IPP consists of 50 numbers of S111-90 m tubular tower with a rated capacity of 2.1MW. The first phase of first IPP is scheduled to be completed in March 2017 and the second phase in June 2017. Each IPP has potential to provide power to over 50,000 households and reduce 0.22 million tons of CO2 emissions per annum.

AEVIPL has also entered in to Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Andhra Pradesh in presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister in February 2015 to develop 4000 MW of Wind and 2500 MW of Solar power projects in A.P. The company is proposing to invest Rs.8500 crores to establish wind power projects in the state.

AEVIPL has also entered into a Master Agreement with Suzlon which is one of the leading WTG manufacturer in September 2015, under which both Axis and Suzlon will jointly develop renewable power projects of 4000 MW (3000MW of wind power & 1000MW wind-solar hybrid) in the state of Andhra Pradesh by 2022.